Borrowing Library Materials

1.1 Access to Patron Records

The Danville Public Library maintains records for operational purposes only. Any information obtained by Library staff about Library users will be treated as confidential and released only as authorized by this policy.

In compliance with Virginia Code 2.2-3705.7, the Library will not release borrowing information to any person, agency, or organization, except in response to a valid court order or subpoena, properly presented to the Library Director. Nothing in this policy shall prevent authorized library personnel from using library records in their regular duties. 

1.2 Library Card (Account)

Eligibility and Registration

All residents of the City of Danville and anyone who lives within a 50-mile radius of the Main Library (511 Patton St) may obtain a library card. Anyone residing beyond the 50-mile radius of the Main Library is not eligible to receive a library card.

An application must be completed at one of the two Library locations to receive a Library card.

The Library reserves the right to issue Library cards at outreach events or for other special circumstances.

A person accepting responsibility for either a personal or child’s Library account must provide proof of a current residential address and a valid driver’s license, state, or federal issued ID. Acceptable forms of proof of address include a utility bill, rent receipt, lease or mortgage agreement, address update from the DMV, a postmarked piece of mail delivered to the street address dated within 30 days. The information on the identification presented must match the information on Library card application.

The Library will issue only one card per person. Library staff checks the patron database before issuing a library card to an applicant.

There is no minimum age requirement to apply for a Library card. Library card accounts belonging to persons under the age of 18 are linked to the library card account of the signing parent or legal guardian.

Borrower Types 


To obtain a children’s library card, the child must be present with their parent, grandparent or legal guardian. The adult who applies for a child card is financially responsible for the child’s library card and for returning items and paying any fees associated with the account. The adult must also have their library card at the time of applying for their child’s card. Library staff will link Children’s cards to the parent, grandparent, or legal guardian’s account.

In extenuating circumstances, legal documentation is required to transfer responsibility for a child’s library card.

Young Adult

Young adult patrons aged 13 to 17 will be treated independently from other family members if they have a state-issued ID or driver’s license. If a young adult does not have a driver’s license or state-issued ID, a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian will be required to present address verification.


The Library will issue patrons age 18 and older a Library card with the required proof of identification and address.

Temporary Residency

A person temporarily residing within the City of Danville may apply for a temporary Library card with restricted borrowing privileges. Applicants residing in the City temporarily will need to provide proof of temporary residency. Forms of address verification include a letter from a landlord, shelter authority, or similar source. The Library will keep a copy of the letter on file. The Library card is updated every three months, and there is a checkout limit of 5 books at a time. Only books may be checked out on temporary accounts. 

Renewing a Library Card (Account) 

Patrons are required to renew Library cards every 2 years. Requests for card renewals must meet the following criteria:

  • All fees paid in full
  • In person at either library location
  • Present proof of a current residential address and a valid driver’s license or a state or federal issued ID
  • The parent, grandparent or legal guardian may renew a child’s card without the child being present

When a card expires, the patron will not be able to use the library’s computers, check out materials, place holds, renew items beyond the card’s expiration date, or use online resources. 

Reporting Card Lost or Stolen 

The replacement charge for a lost or stolen card is $2. Any items that were borrowed and/or fees accrued before reporting a card lost or stolen are the responsibility of the cardholder. If a card is lost or stolen, report it to a Library staff member immediately.

1.3 Library Lending

Checking Out Materials and Access to Borrowing Information

Library patrons must present their library cards to check out materials or conduct any other Library business either in person or over the phone. If the card is not present during a visit, materials may be checked out one time only by presenting a state ID or driver’s license, after which the Library patron will be asked to purchase a replacement card.

Only the parents or legal guardians of linked Library cards of minors may have access to their children’s account information.

Library Card in Good Standing 

A Library card must be in good standing to check out any items and access public computers. A patron’s card must meet the following: fees $5 or under, no overdue items, and updated card.

Library Material Loan Periods

Materials can be borrowed for the following loan periods: 

 New Books/Audiobooks 14 days
 New Children's/YA Books 28 days
 Books 28 days
 Audiobooks 28 days
 DVDs 7 days
 Museum Passes 7 days
 Ebooks and digital audio, music, videos Varies per item
check due dates

Checkout Limits 

The total number of items that can be checked out to an individual Library card at any given time is 50, not including online access. The following are the check-out limits for individual formats

 5 DVDs
5 eBook and or eAudiobooks (Online Access
5 items from Hoopla per month (Online Access)

Renewing an Item 

The loan period for an item may be extended for one of equal length one time. Renewing items is not possible on items requested for hold for another patron. Renewal of items may take place in person, over the phone, or via the library website. Items renewed after the due date will accrue late fees.

Returning items 

Patrons may return Library materials to any Service Desk during regular hours of operation. Book drops are available as a convenience for after hours or during regular hours of operation. Items deposited in the book drops are checked in periodically throughout each business day.

Items remain the responsibility of the borrower until they are checked in by library staff.

Requesting an Item to be Placed on Hold


A request can be made through the online catalog or a staff member to hold Items that are currently in use by another library borrower. A request for a hold ensures that the item becomes available to the next patron who wants to borrow it upon its return. Requested items are made available, or placed on hold, in the order that they become available. The list of patrons in the request queue cannot be modified.

When the item is retrieved and placed on hold, it is made available for 3 business days for pickup at the First Floor Circulation Desk at the Main Library and the Circulation Desk at the Westover Branch.

5 item requests can be placed at one time per card.

Late Fees

Late fees accrue each day a Library item is late beyond the stated due date. Patron accounts are charged fees after an item is checked in after the due date. Each Library card account may carry a balance of up to $5.00 in fees, not including costs for a replacement card. Accumulated fees over $5.00 will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.

The following is the schedule of late fees: 

 Books, CDs, Audiobooks  $. 10 per day up to $5.00 max 
 DVDs, Museum Passes  $1.00 per day up to $15.00 max
 Interlibrary Loan  $2.00 per day

Unreturned Materials

After 90 days an unreturned item is considered lost, and the borrowing patron is charged the replacement fee listed in the item record; associated late fees are waived. The item is withdrawn from the system, and can no longer be returned.

Damaged Materials 

Items with the damage that renders the item unusable by future patrons will be marked as damaged and deleted from the system, and a replacement fee will be charged to the borrowing patron. Items that have been damaged and charged a replacement fee will be held for 30 days before being discarded.

Default Replacement Costs 

If an item does not have a price listed in the item record, the following default replacement costs will be charged for lost or damaged items.

 Books $30
 DVDs $20
 Audiobooks $50

Refunds and Replacement

The Library will not issue a refund for material given a status of “lost,” paid for, and then found. Items that are lost and paid for are the property of the patron.

The Library cannot accept replacement copies as payment for lost or damaged items.


It is the responsibility of the borrower to be aware of when materials are due. The failure to receive notification that materials are soon due, overdue, or have been billed replacement costs for unreturned items does not excuse associated fees. Information about due dates and renewals requests can be done either over the phone during regular business hours or Online. The Online catalog will send notification of all of the notices and hold arrival notifications to an email account or via text message.

1.4 Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

Items that cannot be acquired for the library’s collection may be requested through the interlibrary service. Most libraries will not lend books published within the past twelve months, computer software, audio/video formats, reference volumes, materials housed in special collections, or fragile items.


A non-refundable processing fee of $2 per request is due at the time of the request. The borrower must pay in advance for any and all service charges assessed by the lending library before items are borrowed.

Loan Period

The lending library sets the due date on the items they lend to DPL. The lending period also includes transit to and from the Library. Patrons may not renew items obtained through interlibrary loan.